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OmniFocus v1.0.3 - released August 13, 2008

Improved stability, performance, and memory usage. Thanks for sending in your crash reports and other feedback!

Contexts now sort their actions by flagged state, due date, and project.

You can now specify that certain contexts are always nearby. (You could set up your Phone context to always be nearby, for example, so that it will always appear in your Nearby Contexts list.)

Fixed spurious sync conflict resolutions that could appear to roll back user-made changes when automatic changes were made on another device (like marking a task overdue or available due to a start or due date passing).

OmniFocus will no longer send empty reports for crashes which were already collected by iTunes.

OmniFocus no longer forgets which client it is when you edit synchronization settings.

Fixed a rare ISO-8601 date archiving bug which could cause "Cannot save" alerts.

The progress message "Reloading new data" now says simply "Loading new data."

The loading screen no longer shifts a few pixels during launch.

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