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Wow. I asked a specific question about a feature and if there was anyway to implement it now, and that was your response? Here's your answer: basic business sense.
1. GTD badge on the omnifocus product page - brand affiliation
2. Omni is a sponsor of the GTD Times website
3. Omni was a diamond sponsor of the GTD summit
4. There is a ton of buzz on the GTD connect forums about omnifocus. It's even been mentioned in multiple GTD connect podcasts where it's never been the subject.
5. According to David Allen, Ken Case gave him mac (I would guess that was preloaded with Omnifocus - I want one of those). (Note to Mr. Case - send cashdollar 10 macbooks so he can shove gtd down his employees throats in a very pretty package)

You spend your money when it gets you a return. You brand your products either where you want your sales to come from or where they're coming from. Now what was the name of that script you mentioned?

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