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@queenofspades - I think it's very unlikely you've lost any data here. Many of us have been using OF heavily for years now with no data loss whatsoever. In that respect, the app is extremely reliable. And I know the Omni Group considers data integrity to be of utmost importance.

I suspect the issue is related to your view bar settings. What do you see if you go to the Perspectives -> Show All Items view? Do you see your data then?

As for the timestamps on your backups, it's probably better to look at the time in the file's name rather than the modification time provided by the OS. Be aware, however, that the time in the name uses a UTC offset of 0 , I believe, so it likely does not match the time displayed in your menu bar.

@ZeroFill - Do you see your missing repeating task if you go to the Perspectives -> Show All Items view? OF does archive dropped and completed projects and tasks (including repetitions), but only after a period of inactivity. In other words, the item will only be archived if it is both completed/dropped and hasn't been modified in some number of days or weeks (not sure exactly how long that interval is).