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Thanks Brian-

I'm actually not using actions much. I wanted to use OmniFocus to keep notes on projects I have.
I'm a web developer, and for each client I want to make a project, mostly for keeping notes, clippings and emails. After watching the videos, OmniFocus seemed more geared for "to do" items, but I thought It would work for this as well, plus the fact that I used to use OmniGroup products many years ago, when OS X was still a baby, and I had a really good experience with them :)
I'd like to keep track of some items that need to have a due date, so things such as "due","completed" & "flagged" also appealed to me (something Yohimbo didn't seem to have), but honestly keeping notes on particular projects and being able to access them quickly is my main concern.
I still haven't figured out a "best practice" for using "context", but It seemed like I could put it to good use once I spent some time and became more familiar with the software.
If it only had some sort of simple timer that I could attach to a particular project, I'd be in heaven (This program keeps time, this one keeps invoicing, this one notes, this one files... The more consolidating I can do the better!).

Thanks again for the info- I've watched the movies, looked through the forums, so now It's time to find the time to go through the manual :)