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Doesn't matter if you assign contexts or not -- the context view is usually the one you want to use if you are interested in operating on single actions (sorting, filtering, grouping), and the project view works on projects.

By the way, I see that for some reason the "Due or Flagged" selector should actually be called the "Due Soon or Flagged" selector. I don't know if it has always been this way, or if I missed a change, but either way, it seems like a bug, not a feature. If you want to see all of your due items, select Remaining for the action selector, group by Due, and close the group that is labeled No Due Date. Or group by project, sort by due, and stop looking once you reach the point in each group where there are no due dates listed.

That "Due or Flagged" thing only showing Due Soon actions seems like a bug to me!