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In the meantime, Bill (whpalmer4) is very good at offering suggestions on how to use the existing product features to work around the absence of the feature you want. That seems like a community service to me, since presumably you want to continue to track waiting-for items until the new feature is implemented. If that presumption is wrong, I apologize.
Normally, I try to avoid making "Me Too" posts. In this case, though, I feel it's called for, so I'm making an exception. :-)

If folks want to use a Waiting For context, I think they should have the freedom to do so. It sounds like the person that wrote that documentation uses that style, as does John Kendrick. Personally, I use the method that Ken mentioned, as it works better for me.

I think the greatest good is usually served by letting folks use the tool the way they want to use it. If folks want to see some sort of visual "Waiting For" indicator, we can consider that. At the moment, though, I don't see a feature request in the development database for one.

Emailing the support ninjas would be the right thing to do here...

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