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I emailed my post in yesterday so hopefully it will show up in your features/bugs database shortly.

In the meantime I've been using the "flag" to indicate waiting for as I don't use the flag for anything else. I guess, like others on this thread, I've just found a part of the application I'm not using and claimed it for this feature.

I will try the "start date in the future" method and see if I like it. Thanks for the idea. This might not be an option for me until OF2 when I can put just a task on hold rather than a whole project.

I think the fact that even Omni folk are working around the app to do waiting suggests there is demand for an explicit "waiting for" function with its own tickler capability - even among power users. Waiting for is a core component of the Davidco GTD methodology as discussed in his book. I think a lot of users would benefit from it.