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Hello all,

I had an OmniOutliner file on my mac containing all sorts of important info, and it got deleted. A little while back I decided to try some data recovery to see if I could access it, so I downloaded and installed PhotoRec. Seeing that there was no '.oo3' file option under the section of file types to search for, I emailed the creator of the program, who responded back:

The file Untitled.oo3/contents.xml is a gzip'd xml file,
it's currently recovered as .gz by PhotoRec

So I ran a search for .gz files and found plenty of them. The question I now have is this:

I now have all these .gz files. What would be the best course of action for finding out what's inside each one, and which one is the one that has the info I need? Should I simply try opening each .gz with OmniOutliner? Or each .xml inside the .gz file? Or some other xml program?
Is there some way to distinguish an .oo3 file recovered as a .gz from other .gzs? File tags?

Any help appreciated.