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First of all, my hat is off to the developers of OmniFocus. Well done! I first tried OmniFocus back in June of this year, and the application has come a long way. At that time I found it's UI to be a clunky, scattered, and full of ugly custom widgets. Now I'd call it streamlined, focused, and full of beautiful custom widgets. Needless to say, I just bought my license.

Now for a rather mundane usage question:

Is there a way to "archive" completed tasks, as is done in The Hit List, for example? Or barring that, is there some way to specify complex custom views beyond what the view bar provides, and for the Inbox in particular?

Ideally I'd like to have completed tasks be automatically moved to the Inbox for review. That way I can look at completed tasks in one place and write next actions, when appropriate. Then when I'm done I'd select the completed tasks and press an "archive" button/hot-key that removes the completed task from the Inbox (and any other view it's visible in) and places it in a special special "journal" view.

I like the idea of a "journal" for completed tasks because 1) they are useful for writing weekly and monthly reports, and 2) they can provide a useful reference of past work at unexpected times.