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I'm wondering what you mean by "a sophisticated view of tasks" having a hard time understanding what you think the problem is.
Using strict GTD, the only context for all my software development tasks would be "Computer". I can cheat a little and make subcontexts for each client.

- Client 1
- Client 2

So, the problem now is that these contexts exactly correlate with parts of the structure of my project/planning hierarchy -- which is completelya gainst the spirit of GTD contexts, not to mention ineffecient -- if I'm accepting this correlation, then I should be able to set a flag on a project or a folder that says "let this project also have its own context".

Maybe the simple answer is to have a perspective for each client. Hmmm. I'm going to have to think on if that. Maybe I've been making a bit fuss about nothing. Thanks for asking eurobubba :-)