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Maybe the reason it makes sense to me is that I don't know what the acronyms mean :-)

Okay, let's try it a different way. The bar OmniPlan draws on the Gantt chart goes from the start of the task to the end of the task, regardless of what is between them. Weekends, holidays, days off, it doesn't matter. If you have assigned an 8 hour task to someone who works 2 hours per day, the bar is probably going to span at least 4 days on the Gantt chart. Similarly, if you assign that 8 hour task to someone who works 9-3 on Monday and 9-noon on Thursday, it is always going to cover at least 4 days, because it will span either Thursday to Monday or Monday to Thursday unless it has to go into an additional week (because it couldn't start until 2 PM on Monday, for example, in which case it would occupy 1 hour Monday, 3 hours on Thursday, and the 1st 4 hours of the next Monday, thus spanning no fewer than 8 days). OmniPlan does not draw a chain of sausage links only on the days the resource actually works.

Suppose you worked for your town government as an OmniPlan consultant 2 hours on each Monday and Wednesday. Suppose also that to save costs your town government switched from working 9-5 M-F (5 x 8 hour days) to 8-6 M-Th (4 x 10 hour days). The value you would enter in the town's OmniPlan documents for project hours per day would change from 8 to 10, but a Gantt chart showing tasks assigned to you would not change, agreed?
Right so the Gantt bar should span over the 4 days in your first example. What i am saying is that when you change the Hours of a day in the Project settings, and have custom work days, the Durations Column updates with the new settings for the project hours per day but the Gantt bar does not.

Did you follow the steps in the first post? Give it a try and let me know what happens. What i am saying is that i think there is a bug that has the duration column linked with the hours per day field in the project settings but the gantt bar does not update if you change the hours per day setting when the assigned human resource has a custom work schedule. Just give the steps in the first post a try.

PS. WBS stands for work breakdown structure. The 1, 1.1, 1.1. etc is called a WBS.