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Click your heels together three times and click on the following link:


Existing windows will not be affected.
Hah! Really, really relieved to read this. Thank you, whpalmer! I'm sure your post has made numerous users very happy.

I understand the reasoning supporting the new behavior of projects and group tasks that Omni is introducing in OF 1.8. What I do not like is the implementation: Forcing the user to enter an arbitrary context or, as an equally ugly alternative, put the project/group in the "no context" black list.

Here is a possible workaround that is conceptually elegant and user-friendly: Tweak the OF code so that all projects/groups are internally assumed to belong in all contexts that the project's/group's completed and remaining actions collectively belong in. In this scenario, upon completing all children actions the parent project/group will appear as available in all contexts of the completed children.

An alternative solution—easier in terms of engineering, it seems to me—is for Omni to automatically and non-modifiably place all projects/groups in a dedicated "context" called "Projects/Groups" or something, without requiring the user to set that context or any other context as the default for each project/group.

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