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i apologize in advance- i'm certain i'm missing something critical on my end, but i'm trying to resolve a crash:

*** -[UIDeviceRGBColor isNull]: unrecognized selector sent to instance ...
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** -[UIDeviceRGBColor isNull]: unrecognized selector sent to instance ...

i've included (what i believe are) the necessary frameworks (omnifoundation, base, appkit, quartz, and ui) plus the relevant system framework deps. i'm at a bit of a loss- this happens in OUIEditableFrame.m:678:

"if (OFISEQUAL(_insertionPointSelectionColor, color))"

the stack is as follows:

-[OUIEditableFrame setSelectionColor:]
-[OUIEditableFrame didMoveToWindow]
-[UIView(Internal) _didMoveFromWindow...

what i've attempted is to simply add the editor frame to an existing application- added in InterfaceBuilder, plumbed through to a controller... the normal drill.

i know i've missed something, but naivete bites again... anyone mind lending a helping hand? any thoughts?