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Hello - First Post and a brand new user of OF for Mac, iPhone and iPad. I'm very comfortable with GTD related concepts, but I have to tell you I'm a little bit stumped with a few features of OF. In particular (at least for now) is the "status" of a project.

A Project can be Active, On Hold(Waiting),Completed, and Dropped as shown in the Project Inspector. OK - Makes sense although I'm not sure of all of the implications of putting a Project "On Hold". The View Bar has a "Status" Filter which lists Any Status (OK I get this), Remaining (What's Remaining?),Due Soon, Next Action, Available (For what?),and Completed. Are we talking about two different statuses or are we using different words to describe the same thing?

I'm currently using the Active and On-Hold Status. An active Project for me is one that I'm currently working. I use the On Hold Status for Projects I'm thinking about or gathering more data before creating any actions. Am I thinking about this correctly? Am I painting myself in a corner?

One more thing... Why does a Context have a "Status"? Can someone give me an example of why a Context would be On Hold or Dropped?

Thanks in advance. I'll be back later with working with Context questions.


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