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I'm not a fan of this, either, but in our defense, some of the keyboard-related stuff is a little bit trickier than it appears. :-)

Standard "I'm not an engineer, I'm paraphrasing conversations I've had with them about this, if it's wrong it's my fault" disclaimers apply from here on out...

We don't have direct control over whether the keyboard is visible or not; we put focus on something that accepts keyboard input, and the frameworks take care of showing/hiding the keyboard.

When the popover for picking a context/project disappears, there's no keyboard focus, so the keyboard animates away until you bring another popover up.

One thing we tried was putting the text cursor back in the Title field if you'd edited that before setting those fields, but a) that doesn't solve every case and b) it sometimes causes the text to flicker, which is just trading one form of bad for another. :-)

In any case, this issue falls into the "things we knowingly shipped without really being fans of" category. Stopping this from happening is on our radar screen, but if we already knew how to avoid it, we would have. :-)