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I also find the bouncing window to be annoying. As for the off-balance argument, the normal position of the window is 9/16" from the top of the screen. When the keyboard is visible, the gap between the bottom of the window (after it moves to the top) and the top of the keyboard is a little more than 6/16". That means that if you moved the window up a mere 3/16", there wouldn't be a need to move it when the keyboard became visible.

Well, perhaps that looks off-balance too, so here's another idea. Extend the height of the window that extra 6/16" so it fits precisely between the top and the keyboard without any gaps.

The taller window may not look so off-balance when the keyboard is not visible. An added benefit is that there is a little more room for additional data. If for nothing else, by my reckoning, that would make three more lines visible in the Notes field.

Also, that extra length is almost the same height as the tabs on the right side of the window (Info, Dates, etc.). So you could create a fifth tab if you thought you could use one.

I don't have any suggestions for additional data (though I would like to see the creation and completion dates somewhere), just trying to think of ideas to prevent the need to have the widow moving around.

P.S., I also mailed this to the Ninjas