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Hi there all,

I am getting used to using OF on my mac and iPhone. I understand that you have to turn auto-sync on (and it is) on my iPhone. I also understand that it auto-syncs every hour and 1 minute after you do something.

From reading the forums I think I understand that OF iPhone can't sync in the background. People have said, though, that OF iPhone will sync when you "open" it.

So here's the question: I run OF, like all apps, all the time on my iPhone. Everything is always open cause all my apps run in the background. When I have used another app, then I SWITCH over to OF, I take it this is not opening it, and it won't sync - is this right? In other words, if I wanted OF to sync when I open it, I'd actually have to close it down each time - is this correct?

Thanks for any help. I have tried to find this clarified in the boards and could not.