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Check out the Rexwireless app, ToDoMatrix. It works on both iPhone and Blackberry (though only one device at a time per account) and has a web-based desktop version. I used ToDoMatrix on BB and went to iPhone and used Omnifocus (and it's outstanding desktop version). I Beta tested ToDoMatrix and ended up purchasing it and running the full version on iPhone. It has a "Super-Snooze" function that nothing else can touch. Still, Omnifocus won me over with the desktop version which is flawless and beats out the clunky online desktop version of ToDoMatrix. I stuck with Omni until I went back to Blackberry as the preferred business smartphone. Back with ToDoMatrix and landed here now when visiting in hopes Omnigroup had done something for the Blackberry. ToDoMatrix will not disappoint until, if ever, Omnigroup does something for the BB.
I used Todomatrix extensively from 2005-2009 on my blackberry as well and can vouch that's it's an amazing app . The snooze function , they keyboard shortcuts on the blackberry , injecting sms, emails , calendar entries , phone entries directly with a single command without copy paste was a life saver , they have a huge following and decently priced. During my whole tenure , i NEVER lost my data as well .DID I MENTION 3 REMINDERS PER TASK ?


Their online web app truly TRULY suck , they haven't updated the version since, you would see my post on their forum with the same nick , and we kept asking then them when the version 2.0 will come out , it never did , it's quite difficult to sync the folder / project structure into outlook / mac both as well.

they have their own weekly review system on the device itself , it's nowhere near as powerful as the desktop version of omni. I personally could never see the bigger picture (maybe I was staring at a smaller screen hahaha)

I would recommend it to people who travel a lot , are hardly near a a desktop or who would want a complete system which doesn't require any desktop usage (heck rexwireless even advertise that as a feature) , their teamtodomatrix is amazing as well , you can assign tasks to team members ,along with reminders , everything syncs on the fly.