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Mac Sparky had an interesting article about iThoughts yesterday that discusses it's new Send To feature. It lets you send files to other apps depending on the export format that you choose. So if you export in OPML you can send it directly to OOiP. The article is at:

This sounds like a great feature that could make the transition between outlines and mindmaps painless, not to mention the bigger picture of other apps incorporating similar processes. I was wondering if anyone had tried this between the two apps?

Played around a lot with it since I use iThoughts avidly. It works like a treat. Hyperlinks come in as separate column even. Notes come in as notes. It's quite amazing that it works so fluidly.

Can't say it works so well the other way though that is more iThoughts import issue than OO's export issue.

I'm looking forward to the day when OOiP becomes usable for me so I can take advantage of this feature in my workflow.