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I'm using the latest 1.1 build of the desktop app (102895) and trying to get OF desktop to sync with OF for iPhone via WebDAV.

In the desktop app, I enter my WebDAV settings, click Sync, and boom -- a file called "OmniFocus.ofocus" is created on my remote server. Awesome.

I transfer the WebDAV settings to iPhone via the very slick auto-broadcast mechanism (props to you all at Omni!) and the iPhone sucks down all the projects, contexts, and tasks from the remote database. Sweet.

Subsequent syncs produce no error messages, but also do not update the database at all. I can create new tasks on iPhone or desktop and then sync. Both versions of the app show the spinning arrows and then stop. So, presumably, it worked, but syncing the other device does not "retrieve" the updated data.

I checked the modified date/time of the "OmniFocus.ofocus" file on the remote server, and it remains unchanged. So, the WebDAV server thinks that the database has not been updated at all since the initial sync. As a result, I infer that neither the latest desktop build nor 1.0 of the iPhone app are committing/saving changes to the server. I'm using FastMail as my WebDAV host, for what that's worth.

For now, I'll wait for new updates to be released, but am happy to test any steps others want to suggest.