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Yes! I love checklists for daily routines. This step by step set up to do it in OF is super helpful.

Like Sandi, I would really like a way to visualize the data in some kind of graphical representation so I can see if I'm being consistent with my daily routines.

I discovered the life tracking app called that will use data from lots of sources as long as I can export my omnifocus data as a csv file or other types of files it accepts. (Don't remember if there are others)

Does anyone know if I can export data specifically on various OF profiles as a csv?

Awesome thread!
You can definitely export as .csv. I think it takes whatever you have selected in the left side bare. You might also have a look at ofexport. Search the extras forum. It's a command line thing. But it allows you to export in a variety of formats with lots of filtering options.