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I found this thread by doing a search. OF is exceptionally useful to me. It would be even more useful to me if it supported multiple contexts.

The first couple of posts by the fellow at OF reflect two typical thinking errors, thinking that because something works for you it should work for others, and placing too much emphasis on thinking there is a "right" process. It's hilarious reading his analysis of why he doesn't think people need multiple contexts and how he will "help users resolve problems applying a single-context approach".

Different people process information in different ways, and a lot of people are going to find multiple contexts useful. Everything else is largely noise.

the main questions should be:

1. Would giving people multiple contexts be useful to a lot of users (regardless of whether some people think they've found sacred productivity truth and know that single contexts are best).

2. Could it be implemented without making the software more complicated for users that don't need multiple contexts.

IMO the answer to both questions is yes.
Apologies David for chopping your comments.

I agree with some things

1) There certainly isn't a right way.

2) Yes people work in different ways. The way my mind works, multiple contexts is nothing but a win scenario, however others are different. GTD and Omni's implementations of contexts feel very restrictive to me.

3) You got the main question wrong though, it is:
What vision do Omni have for OF as a product?

In the end, that's all that matters. It's Omni's product to do with as they wish. Omni are a well run company which provides premium quality software products at fair prices. If Omni choose to stay with a pure GTD product then Multiple contexts are not included. That's their call and as customers it's our call as to whether Omnifocus is the best product available to help us.

At the moment, none of the other competitors have shown me anything which meets my needs more than OF, including Forecasting, Review (Key piece here) and contexts / projects.

Any other system has left me unclear as to whether I'm meeting all of my committments so I keep coming back.

But Multiple contexts would cement me into OF 2 on Mac, Ipad and iPhone without a second's hesitation. At this moment I'm still not sure whether I will step aboard version 2 or not.