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I'll only respond to the part I disagree with.

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3) You got the main question wrong though, it is: What vision do Omni have for OF as a product?

In the end, that's all that matters. It's Omni's product to do with as they wish.
"It's their product and they can do is they wish" is a catch-all response when you don't have an actual argument to make :p, it can be used as an "out" in nearly every business discussion on the face of the earth. They can fill the product with motivational biblical passages if they want :).

I suggested some of the questions that software companies often use to produce meaningful metrics on whether to fulfill a feature request, in fact it could even answer whether it fits with their vision, depending on that vision. That assumes the vision is flexible. If the vision is "even if adding it would not increase complexity, and even if it would make a lot of users happy, we know what's best for users and won't be adding it", then never mind.

I think I might find the "vision" discussion more interesting if we were talking about serious issues, for instance balancing user privacy versus convenience is a serious issue with some software development. But when we are talking about whether a user should be allowed to define multiple contexts for an action item, and someone is writing about it like it's an important philosophical discussion that could compromise the product, and/or has an important effect on how productive people are, I find it pretty funny.