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And just to clarify, if they are looking at this and saying "it will take 3000 hours of code writing to re-write our application for this, and we don't believe the payoff is worth that investment", that's completely legit, as would be a number of other reasons.

My point was very targeted - what I find hilarious is the fact that development on this issue, going by the first couple of thread posts, is (apparently) being driven by a belief that appears to border on religious that multiple contexts are bad and that they'd be violating some principle by giving them to users, it's missing the forest for the trees. Sure, that's their "right", but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

It's akin to having a lot of users ask to have the option of highlighting high priority items in red, and telling those users:

In our experience, when an action looks like it requires red, it almost always means that you aren't using due dates or setting next actions properly, blah blah blah
Anyhow, I'm embarrassed that I've wasted more time writing on this at this point than it deserves, goes to that whole "winning an argument on the Internet" thing :D.. The only reason I commented was I'd like to be able to apply two contexts to my items. But I can see that is unlikely to happen since Omnifocus does not think that would be good for me! Thank God they are protecting us multiple contexters from ourselves.