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I recently got an iPhone for Christmas and have joined those of you that are desperate for someway to use OF on the go. Without this, there is almost no point in having contexts that don't involve being in front of OF.

While I'm eager to see what Omni can do with the SDK, I actually don't want to have to plug in a cable and sync several times a day (and I know Apple won't be doing wireless sync anytime soon).

The current web application solution doesn't really work for me either, since my primary machine is a macbook, and its often asleep (especially when I need my tasks on my phone).

So in looking at various online todo managers, I came upon Toodledo, which has a good iPhone interface, and a pretty good feature set. Most importantly, they have an API that let me write a script that syncs between OmniFocus and Toodledo!

Currently the way it works is by creating a perspective called Toodledo (I have all my "on the go" contexts selected). It will then sync this perspective with Toodledo in both directions.

You can complete tasks, add notes, change due dates, flag etc all from the iPhone. You can create new tasks and they land in the right project/context (if its part of the perspective) or in the inbox.

There are still a number of features I plan to add such as action group support (subtasks), syncing of more than one perspective etc.

There is potential for this to act like a .Mac for two copies of OF.

The browser interface for Toodledo will let people who use a PC at work manage OmniFocus from there.

There is also a feature of Toodledo to share projects with other Toodledo users, so there is an opportunity to do team sharing of OmniFocus data.

Most of the key features are free, and the pro account is only 14.95 a year (less than many of the other online task managers).

The developer has been very responsive in making the enhancements I needed to the API for this to happen.

I have all the basic syncing working, but I'd love some more testers before I consider it final, and to help guide what features to add.

To participate in this beta, you need to join the Google group created for this project. That group will also be the primary place to ask questions and make suggestions (no need for a monster thread on these forums).

If you are interested in trying this out, please join:

You will find the current version and a readme in the files section of the group.

I look forward to your feedback.