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Hmmm. When I select a folder in Projects (which contains subfolders and actions), the Group inspector is all grayed out. I have to select it plus all the undelrying subfolders and actions - then the group inspector becomes live. Is that normal? Shouldn't I be able to just grab the top-level folder and use the inspector to work on it and its contents?
Folders don't have contexts, so that portion of the inspector isn't active. In fact, if you observe closely, when you select a folder in the sidebar, the entire inspector goes to gray, because there is nothing that it can change selected. (You can set a folder to be active or dropped, but that is done via the Edit->Status command, or using control-click or right-click to bring up the contextual menu and choosing Active or Dropped).
Also: when I do select them and the Inspector is live, how do I change the context? I see a dropdown menu called "Default context" and when I change that, the few things under that project folder that don't list a Context still don't list a Context. What am I doing wrong?
You are changing the (default) context of the project or group you have selected, not the context of the contained actions. Changing this field only affects any actions subsequently created where you don't enter a context. To change the context of an existing action, select it, then bring up the inspector and choose the new context, or use Edit->Context, or add the Context column to your view and change it there, or use the Context submenu of the contextual menu. If you select multiple actions, the changes you make will be applied to all of them. As you have discovered, though, if there is an action group or project in the selection, you will only change the default context for those containers, not the context of the actions contained.