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Just updated to Omnifocus 1.8 and one of the changes is that inherited flags now show up as flagged.

Previously, inherited flags would show up when filtered for "flagged" but be sorted under "unflagged" which was really really handy as I could flag projects for tackling this week but I could "hard" flag items that I wanted to tackled today. I would then use the duration field to create the order in which I intended to tackle each task. The flagged perspective was my main working perspective but since the update, it's lost most of its usefulness.

I've tried sorting by "flagged" but it doesn't sort the hard flagged items out from the inherited flagged items even though they look physically different with the latter being greyed out. (Plus this would mean that I would lose my sorted by duration hack).

Another workaround to cut down on the new clutter is by making projects sequential and filtering to available so that only the first shows up but then I lose the ability to flag a number of project steps that I want to tackle.

I've sent an email request but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has found a work around?

Also, I'm sure this was done for a good reason and if someone at Omni could explain why then perhaps it might help me come up with a new workflow for 1.8. At this stage, I'm considering trying to reinstall the last version.