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More than once I've entered an item into OmniFocus-iPad and an hour or two later noticed it had not synched to OF on my computer. So I go into the iPad app and manually get it to sync.

There might be a simpler way to do this, but it seems to me that to get the OF iPad app to sync I have to hit the OmniFocus button in the upper left, then hit the little round gear in the upper right of that menu window, then hit Sync Setup, then hit Sync with MobileMe, then hit the Sync button in the upper right of that menu. Five buttons to manually sync.

Is there a simpler way to manually start synching? And if not, shouldn't there be?

And while I'm asking questions ... how come it doesn't automatically sync sometimes? Honestly, there are times when hours pass and some items haven't shown up on the computer from the iPad.