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Hi Stargazer,

I haven't personally used any travel journal apps... But I will also be visiting Europe this year, and using the iPad to make a vacation log sounds like a fun idea.

First, a little bit of self-promotion: you might be able to use OmniFocus for iPad / iPhone / Mac to achieve your goal.
  • Create a folder structure for your trip, each day, country, etc...
  • Then a project for each adventure.
  • Add an action for each memory you wanted to capture, then type Notes, take pictures, or record audio within that Action. The date and time it was created is stored.
  • When you assign a Context to that Action, you can create a new one on the fly. Set its location to "Current Location" (using GPS), or go back and set it to an address/coordinate later.
  • Once you get to a WiFi spot, OmniFocus has syncing built in - you could store it all on MobileMe, Omni Sync Server (beta), or any compatible WebDAV server.
  • On your Mac, sync OmniFocus and you have all of your trip details handy. You could export the vacation folder to a simple HTML page. If you wanted to do a more complex scrapbook or presentation, you might be able to use a CSV export or do some copying and pasting.

If the OmniFocus route doesn't work for you, try a search for travel log or something similar. I came across this one: GPS Log (for iPhone and iPad, universal):

I'm sure there are more out there, and hopefully somebody on these forums has some experience with them. Hope this helps!

Joel R
Software Test Pilot
The Omni Group

PS, I did see this app on the Mac app store (I know you're looking for iPhone/iPad, but FYI): Knapsack for Mac