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I haven't been able to figure out how to do this anywhere in OOP -- and, boy, is the manual for OO now looking pretty dated and kinda thin (perhaps revealing how long it's been since OO got the proper love it deserves for being the foundation for many other Omni apps?) -- and this may not be even possible:

One of my favorite uses of OmniOutliner is as a place where I keep my lecture and meeting notes. In both cases, I would like to release to participants the upper level headings as an agenda for them to see and use while keeping the actual contents for myself -- I typically release my notes after a class or meeting for reference, but not before since I am often working on them up until the meeting or class starts.

Now, I am pretty sure I could do this by shoving everything I want to "hide" into notes attached to headings, but this loses a lot of stuff that I would prefer to manage and manipulate in the more robust outline environment. (One can move outline components around, and in and out, in a way that notes are rather stuck.

Oh, and yes, insert all the usual whinings-pleadings- about attending to OO and getting things like View Zoom into it. (I'm really tired of increasing font sizes and the jiggering with the right-side of the app window to get the printing size "just right." [/Goldilocks Voice]