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I have one computer at home, another at work. There's an OO outline I frequently use at both places. I don't have any complicated syncing needs, like clippings - I just want to be able to open the OO file at either location, edit it, close it, and open it up at the other location to find the edited file.

I'm assuming I can do this with DropBox, but wanted to check here first before I stepped into quicksand I didn't see.

This should work, yes?
I do it all the time. I keep all my lecture notes in various OO files -- one for each class, mostly -- and I work on them on my laptop, my home computer, and my office computer. All are synced via DropBox. The only thing you need to be sure about is that you save changes and close wherever you are before you move to your next location. I don't know that OO could be counted upon to handle any file conflicts -- thought I suspect DropBox has some pixie dust it uses for some of this.