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Originally Posted by ferreiralady
I wish to import an Omnioutliner Pro file into iWeb. Is there any way to do this? If not, is it possible to save the file as a pdf document?
I've never used iWeb, and what I've read of it, it seems to want you to do things the way it wants to rather than you want to, which is not something I like. But I would have thought that if you exported to plain text (<Export> under the <File> menu, not <Save>, it would import that). Export also gives you RTF, RTFD, HTML ... but I've no idea how iWeb would react to them.
For PDF, choose "Print" then in the bottom left hand corner of the pane there is a "PDF" button which gives you a pop-up to select different options. This is a standard OS 10 function that is available for all applications.