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I've updated to OO for iPad that came out today, and the first thing I tried is the new audio record button at the middle of the bottom toolbar. It looks really nicely thought out. Unfortunately I've hit a snag.

After my first attempt at making a recording, there was an error, and the recording wasn't saved.

Now the recording button has been replaced by the recording interface with a title of 'Recovered Audio'. I can play back the recovered audio, but trying to do anything, including inserting it into the outline, brings up an alert with the text 'The operation could not complete. A file is missing.'

If I go back out to the Outline file picker, no changes to the outline are saved. Opening any outline again shows the 'Recovered Audio' panel, and nothing works. So I'm stuck with some sort of recovered audio file, which affects all my outlines, can't be saved, and prevents any changes to my outlines.


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