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Ok, we discovered what the problem is. It's an unfortunate oversight in using a timestamp in the recording name. If your iPad is in a region that results in slashes being in the time stamp, such as "13/02/2013" you'll get this error. To recover from this:
Go to the iPad Settings > General > International > Region Format
Set the format to United States
Switch back to OmniOutliner
Dismiss the error message as many time as needed and then swipe delete the row that contains the audio recording if you have one
Tap the checkmark on the recovered audio box to insert that recording, delete or save that recording as desired
Go back to Settings and switch your Region Format back.

We will be submitting an update to fix this shortly so please do not try anymore audio recordings until you get the update.

Once again, we're very sorry about this and please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.


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