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I have a customer that uses AppleScript generated through FileMaker Pro to send information to create a temple to OmniGraffle. It works fine as far as the setting the length and width and radius corner information. But the default paper size is always letter and they print to a large format printer and templates can be up to 24 inches wide. Here is his description of the problem.
"Once Omnigraffle has a template, I just print it and use the printed template to cut the parts. However, the problem exists that the default paper size is always letter size paper, and our templates can be up to 24" wide. I therefore have to take the template created in letter size and completely rejigger it for the size paper needed. This involves changing the paper size, moving the template around to get it more centered (if its too close to an edge, that line won't print) and removing all the paper size end of page markers. This is a daily time suck for every order set. It would be nice if the correct sizing was generated on the correct paper size, but no one has been able to get Omnigraffle to cooperate."

I was wondering if there was any other way we could communicate that would prevent him from having to do all the work aft wards.