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I love that Omni has given us folders to help categorize our projects. However, more options also hurts my brain. I've looked at Ethan's folders, and have tried to do something similar. However, I'm not quite satisfied with my set up. Should the folders go only one level deep? And how general / specific should they be?

For instance. I have a folder labeled 'vehicles'. I have three vehicles. Should those three vehicles each have their own folder inside the vehicle folder (vehicle 1, vehicle 2...)? Or should the vehicle folder be the only folder with all projects for each vehicle within that folder.

In the first situation, I could have a folder with vehicle #1 and it's projects (ex. change oil filter which would involve multiple steps...finding correct one, buying it, installing it) along with a project of single tasks (put air in tires, wash car, etc). I'd have a folder for vehicle 2 and 3 and do the same.

In the second situation the vehicle folder would hold all 3 vehicle's projects along with one project for single tasks that would include single tasks for all three vehicles.

I know this is a personal choice, but I'm curious how others have gone about using folders vs. projects. I've tried to go by the mantra that if it can be completed it's a project, if it can't it's a folder, but it hasn't solved my problem.