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So far, I'm finding OmniFocus on the iPhone/iPod Touch to be an EXCELLENT application--well worth the cost. It really is very well thought-out, and provides almost all of the features I'm looking for. But there is one tha it missing that I think is important: Being able to move a project into and out of a folder.

Sometimes, I create a project with associated items, and may later I decide that it is better organized by grouping it with a similar or related project in a folder. Or I may decide that it belongs in another folder. Currently, there is no way to do this on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I'd love to have an extra field in the Project's "Edit" screen that would provide a list of all folders that I could select. This would enable me to move projects around.

That said, after further reviewing the Mac version of OmniFocus, you CAN move projects and folders around, so re-organizing projects can certainly be done on the desktop version, just not on the iPhon/iPod Touch itself. Adding this capability to the mobile version would be VERY useful.