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I set up a single action list to hold the things I needed to pack for vacation.

Inside there were multiple items including an item that had sub items.


-- Kids Stuff


Unbelievably - when I mistakenly checked "Kids Stuff" -- my entire Single Action list disappeared.

Unless I am missing something (and I very well may be).

There is --- no undo. No trash. No recovery via iPhone.

Once you check off the item you can watch it go bye bye.

Just gone. Period.

Tell me I'm wrong and that this isn't just a major interface flaw.

I'm thinking maybe the suggested answer is to turn on manual sync? However it seems really really odd that there isn't either an "are you sure" or a trash to take these items from.

It's so easy to mis-key on the tiny iPhone interface that you should be expecting the majority of entrie could in fact be mis-keys. Especially when you are trying to make a tiny checkmark in a box.