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Files on my Mac OS X were once cluttered and all over the place. Once every six months I'll devote a few hours to make sure everything under my "Documents" folder in Mac OS X is organized, structured and un-cluttered.

The same goes for my actual home. Like DA states, if you don't have an inbox @ home you're whole house is practically your inbox. I purchased a small filing cabinet, inbox, desktop file folder holder, etc..all the GTD stuff a year ago. Like many of you, having everything organized has made my house look so much more clean and organized. It's helped my tenfold.

Well, within the past month I've seen an incredible boost in my productivity within OF as i've placed everything in folders. Then depending on the projects/subjects i'll create a sub-folder for that. Personally I'm not a fan of delving deep into folders but i'll go only as deep as I need to go (that's what she said.)

Right to the point I'll mention that when I'm at school and have 30 minutes to kill i'll open the OF app and go into the inbox to process some stuff. I've gotten somewhat good within the past few weeks at processing on the iPod Touch and creating projects though admittedly need a pen & paper along the way.

My qualm is that once a project has been created i'll rest on the bottom of all my projects view and I don't know how to place it within an appropiate folder.

Quick example; if I'm made aware of a new Poli Sci assignment and create a project within the iPhone App...I'll want to get this newly created project in the "School>Poli Sci 201" folder...yet have no idea how.

Am I missing something here or is this feature not available?
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