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Would it not be Omnifocus you would be better to use for such an application?

I've used Omnifocus to good effect since I moved to the Mac platform full time and it's excellent for organising all manner of information and showing its structure.

In this latter respect I found it slightly more useful than Notebook which is my all time favourite since the demise of Lotus Organiser which I had used under Windows and OS/2.


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I've been using omnioutliner for a while, and now I want to use omnigraffle to organize my notes regarding the research papers I've been reading. My idea is to be able to categorize the papers by the author, relate them with notes, introduce the most important abstracts, use colors to map which papers applies each methodology, etc...

Summing up, get a visual map of what I've been doing such amount of time to be able to plan my writting

Does anyone use some kind of stencil for that application?

cheers, sik