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you are correct brad. but in my case I have separated my personal and professional gtd lives into separate programs (apps). I love my omni focus, but it is not always the right tool for every situation. rather than going to two or three programs to see what I need to do for the day, could I use the new Reminders app at that daily list? or so that was the question I posed to myself.

I love that my past due events show up in the notifications drop down list. and am considering reworking my deadline times to an earlier time so I can see them coming, as opposed to a time they are due. but they don't stay in the list (they pop in at the scheduled time, but don't stay as part of the list). so for now, that doesn't work for me too.

yes, redundant, but if I could see all my deadlines (and to do's) in one place, it would be better re-use of the information I've input already. that's why I was asking.