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I love that my past due events show up in the notifications drop down list. and am considering reworking my deadline times to an earlier time so I can see them coming, as opposed to a time they are due. but they don't stay in the list (they pop in at the scheduled time, but don't stay as part of the list). so for now, that doesn't work for me too.
My personal philosophy was to always set the due date at least 2 days before the actual due date. I'd rather turn in something early instead of trying to burn the midnight oil, sweating like a pig, and trying to hustle to finish a project. I treat the early due date as the real due date and stick with it. Once you start slacking off and know that you still have two additional days, you lose the effectiveness of setting early due dates.

I've heard of people who say "they work better under pressure." I always think they're just making excuses for procrastinating. I can only imagine their next doctor visit and looking at their blood pressure reading because of missed deadlines or down-to-the-wire deadlines.

Personally I'm gonna ignore the iOS 5 built-in To-Do list. That's one more bucket to look at. I concentrate all my tasks into OmniFocus. At least I know everything is in there I'll trust. If I start using the iOS 5 Reminders, I'll also have to check over there for tasks. Did I save Task X in OmniFocus or did I save it in Reminders? Too much headache for me to worry about.

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