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Like a lot of others, I've found myself wanting a way to email myself tasks from another computer.

The one solution I was using -- letting my Mac at home run Mail with the "send to OmniFocus" filter on -- isn't ideal because the Mac has to be running and syncing to make it all work.

Anyway, I stumbled across a workaround: the Instapaper iPhone app gives you a unique email address that routes long e-mails to your Instapaper queue for later reading. As it turns out, the Instapaper app also has the ability to send tasks within the iPhone straight to the Omnifocus app (I wish more apps did this!) So it's pretty easy to relay tasks from email to Instapaper to your OF inbox via Instapaper -- as long as you remember to go through your Instapaper queue and forward things from there.

It's a bit messy, but might be a usable workflow for some.