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Originally Posted by bronxbomber92
Hey, I would really love to start using these frameworks (especially OWF), but I have no idea where to start. Looking through this tremendous amount of code isn't exactly the ideal situation. So, I'm hoping there is some sort of docs (articles, how-tos, tutorial, actual docs, ect...) that can help!

If there isn't, does Omni plan to create some docs? Or at least some sample apps that use these frameworks?
Boy, that would be great, wouldn't it? We have some attempts here and there, but nothing very comprehensive. Some of the frameworks are distributed with tests and examples. OWF only has the latter.

We also have a couple of example apps here, but they haven't been updated for at least three years. One of 'em is an HTML viewer that predates WebKit, so itmay not be real useful.

Our plates are pretty full around here and it's pretty tough to get this kind of work to float very high among our priorities, unfortunately. It's my hope that this on-line community (in which I think we're pretty active) can step in and help to fill that void. Maybe eventually we can start fleshing out a wiki with contributions from you all.