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Location-based reminders do work on iPad 2 3G models. But it has to be turned on first in settings. It's located under Sounds & Alerts. This was done for those that use both the iPhone and iPad clients to avoid having both devices giving alerts. Sorry we didn't document that.
I am having trouble getting this to work, I have locations reminders on and it shows the purple arrow that OmniFocus is tracking me under Location Services in iPad 2 preferences. I figured out finally a few days ago that Location Reminders in OmniFocus Settings had to be turned on (I thought you were talking about iPad Sound preferences at first mentioned above).

Do I have to be connected to 3G? I have a Verizon iPad 2 but don't use a data plan, the 3G models are the only ones that have GPS in it so that is why I got it. I plug into a power source in my car every time I drive.

I read through this article but not sure if I have to be on a data plan and if so why I can't just use GPS since it is tracking my location and showing me on the map.

Thanks for your help.

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