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omni has a growing reputation as a slow developer. it's quite amazing following the various management comments - sometimes going back 2, 3 or more years - about how work is already completed, or well into development on the various product version upgrades...

i wonder if they use their own products for workflow management. could explain a few things - they're not the most integrated set of tools on the planet. and still... here we are, omnifans. i despair sometimes. welcome to the omnivoid.
You may have a point here—some of the Omni software may feel overdue for an update—but I very much appreciate the company's commitment to quality. I wish Apple itself had a similar kind of commitment, for example, considering how half-baked and beta-ish so much of their released software is. A very large percentage of MacOS users wait until version x.4 or x.5 before upgrading (and much as an OS is immensely more complex a project that a task manager or an outliner, the comparison is valid in terms of priorities). From widespread WiFi issues in Lion to battery issues with iOS 5—not to mention the MobileMe blunder when it was first released—they all too often seem to release things even if they are blatantly immature. Not so with Omni. Maybe it is a matter of competitive pressures—Omni does not have Google or Microsoft to compete against—but at any rate I appreciate the emphasis on rock-solid stability, much as I am eagerly looking to OmniOutliner 4 myself.

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