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In OO's menu bar, go to View / Customize Toolbar, and you'll see all the icons you can drag up to your toolbar. Included among them, are icons for any AppleScripts stored in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniOutliner Pro folder.
Hmmm. I looked in the library folder (both system and user). I see Scripts/Applications, but don't see a folder therein entitled OmniOutliner Pro folder. Is Omni supposed create that folder ... or am I?

(And FWIW, I'm still using QuicKeys without any problems under 10.7.3.)[/QUOTE]

That's good to hear!

I think my QuicKeys shortcuts became unimportable when we jumped for OS9 to OSX. Did you have the same problem? It was going to be like starting from scratch. I mainly used QuicKeys in a music notation application; and it simultaneously (finally!) got lots of good keystrokes, so I begged off of macro-mania.)



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