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The basic idea was to get OmniPlan for iPad out the door.
Wow, wilsonng, you have far, far more generosity of spirit than I do. If that was my excuse to a client, I'd expect to be fired. I'd certainly look askance at a new car model being delivered sans wheels!

I also don't have your wonderful optimism in the face of experience, so many years have gone by and Omni's other offerings still lack core OS functions, such as import, export, print, Document Interchange, etc. let alone any form of integration with each other.

It's so bad it's funny that their app store blurb for OP has "Collaborate with your colleagues on every detail", that's up there with promoting "make carrot cake" as a mis-lead to purchase OF for iPhone.

I also noticed:
"The App Store policy and the longstanding Omni Group policy agree: minor updates should be free. Of course, if there is a major overhaul of the application with lots of shiny new features, we may release it as a new product, and that would cost money. But bug fixes, minor features, and miscellaneous polishing come at no cost."
If OG think they'll see another penny of my (and I think many others) money until basic collaboration, integration and core OS functions are added across all their offerings, they're going to be disappointed. OmniPlan for iPad is the first app from OG that I didn't buy out of the gate and I'm so glad I didn't. I note that the first review in the UK app store has the headline: If you don't own Omni Plan for Mac - DO NOT BUY!!!! Well, I do own OP for the desktop and I still didn't buy.

I felt almost treasonous when writing two-star reviews of the OF suite, and stated that some people are beginning to feel there's an element of "bait-and-switch" but the OmniFolk have had a long, long time to drag their products into the 21st century and live-up to that "passionate about productivity" tagline.

It's beginning to look like they're running scared that if they give users the opportunity to easily exchange data with other products we might be tempted to switch. Well then - newsflash! - some of us have already done that manually. It's now up to Omni if they want to try and win us back.