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It seems that wilsonng is somehow affiliated with OmniGroup LOL :)

OmniFocus is 1.10. It took them 4 years! It's four years until they made something from v1.0. And this something is still v1.X. And this something is still a toy. Power users? I doubt that.
Sure, I'd love the extra pay. ;-)

No, not affiliated in any way. I was responding to the notion that Omni Group should've gotten OmniPlan for iPad right in version 1.0. Nobody gets anything right with version 1.0 unless it is a very simple program that does just one thing and does it well. Heck, it took Apple ten years to get Mac OS X right. And Microsoft did take its time to get to Windows 8.

I think I made good on my $70 investment over 4 years. Would we all like to see version 2.0? Sure. The whole task management paradigm has changed since OmniFocus first launched.

Well, I would put Things and The Hit List above OmniFocus in terms of workflow design because they were able to observe what OmniFocus did and provided their own twist to it. But these two programs still lack some of OmniFocus' feature set. These are all version 1.x programs.

So we can also gripe about how Things and The Hit List are also "missing the boat" when we see online web-based task management services with collaborative services. Now this post is "we are bring to like OmniFocus but..."

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