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Hi All!
I just wanted to share my current OF context list as some of you might find it helpful. I've spent a lot of time fiddling with my context and as a tool-based approach didn't quite fit well my needs, I ended up with contexts which in fact denote the state of mind I tend to be at repeatedly plus kind of work I perform.

I work as an IT consultant/Project manager and therefore have most of my job-related actions performed using my computer or iPhone, using @computer would therefore result into a long list of actions all falling in this single category. So here goes my current working setup:

- am typically off-line staying focused on writing something (a report, final account, ...)
- usually I schedule and allot a time for this in my calendar

- brainstorming, planning projects, jotting down ideas, creating outlines of future documents, ...
- might be online and distracted by communication

- communication by email, phone, sms, ...
- generally project-related work moving things forward
- i.e. doing minutes of a meeting, scheduling appointments, reading mail would go here

- i tend to study a lot: languages, ITIL processess, Project management methodology
- all this kind of reading, study, on-line reading goes in here
- i typically schedule this in calendar as well

- typically a tool-dependent maintenance goes in here - i.e. cleanup in OF database, OS updates, calendar and contacts maintenance, filing reference material to EN, ...

Aside to aforementioned categories I obviously keep location-based contexts such as home, office but put there tasks which only can get done there. I.e. printing @color printer which I happen to have only @office. Or broadband downloads also accessible only from office.

Plus I have the typical Agendas context with individual people and a weekly managerial meeting as subcontexts. And last there comes the Errands category for all my shopping, post office pickups, ...

And that's it. So in my case no call grouping, email context whatsoever. I however use cautiously action verbs to be able to see what tool the action requires. I carry my iPhone, MBA all the time with me, so there's no point for me having those listed as individual contexts.

So far, this has been working good for me. How about you, what do you use?